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April 29, 2010


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 Today(26 April 2010) my colleagues and I, the student teacher KPLI program are obliged to attend an integrity lectures on teaching profession. It seems like a total jerk from my point of view. Errr, why do you say so? Ah ha, people are judging  300, 000 teachers in numbers by cases that can be count by all human fingers including toes.

How ridiculous could that be? Then, the national integrity plan is designed to suit the so called mentality or the urge of our community. On one hand it is good, on contrary, it is a ticker bombshell.

Is it that bad? Yup, it is even horrible that you can imagine. People are turn crazy by so called integrity. Well, integrity in simple word is your pride through your actions. Now, if your manner is bad, you are absolutely gain no or very low integrity in the society.

If you are incompetent to face the challenge, you are not suit to gain integrity. The issue here is that those fellow out there is making a joke in front of us. Well, without denying that some of the content are worth to discuss but the rest are just out of context. Have you ever heard teacher accepting bribe? Now, this is the case, we are wasting thousands of seconds just to talk about other people and not to focus on our core business!

What is my core business? Teaching is one of them, while working at my school, I am a teacher but I am also carrying my multiple intelligence everywhere I go to protect my pride from being torn apart by those disrespectful fellow. Experience taught me to be more confidence and to be more careful to deal with people. I must first secure myself before others.

When we get to our core business, teacher are no longer educating but teachers are just teaching. Teacher cannot touch the students even if they break the law. The only thing that teacher can do is to leave those disrespectful mannerism in the practice of the students that one day will become a bomb shell to the nation.

There would be no more so called nation country, that idea would just be a history written and never will be a success. Teachers are the one that should handle the future of the nation but not being treated as deserved. Errr, isn’t that statement sounds cruel and mean?

Yes and no. Yes because most of our parents in the society does not know their children enough to defend or to talk on their behalf to back them from all mistakes and misbehaviour. Parents throw away their children at school and when they are punished and scolded for being naughty and interrupting to others, parents will come to school with their lawyer to threaten the teachers. Because of teachers are so kind and accountable, they do not bring the case up and take the blame on them and let the case to be close as soon as possible.

This is a clear misused of law in our society. Parents always think that their child are king like and as polite as ‘lelaki/perempuan Malaya terakhir’. In reality, they are like cats and dogs. The issues is most of them try to act like a stone and suddenly they turn to mute when you asked them  questions. Whenever you talked, they talked and whenever you quiet they’ll quiet themselves.

What could be best of practical suggestion to all of us the student teacher my dearest senior teachers and lecturers? Please do not judge teachers the same just because 0.001% mistake!  


April 26, 2010

Practical practice 1

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As a teacher in training, you are considered as the junior with very little knowledge and experience about the field your embedded with. This is a profession that deals with humans and most importantly is to mould the future generations into a generic and fast forwarding nation. That does come in a massive cause and all are on the shoulder of a human named teacher.

It is important to understand teachers plan for future, and there will be a big question; future of whom? The future of our nation! Why do we need to think to that level? Often we heard in this days, teachers are not those who are welcomed in the society as prescribed in the early years of the independence of Malaysia.

 Teachers are treated as a tool and not as a human. Most people think that teachers are paid to be servant of their child and to treat their child as a king. Since that is the mediocre in current so called millennium society, teachers are not valued as they deserve it. Most importantly all praises go to one type of teacher and that is tuition teacher.

‘ Tuition teacher is the ‘dewa/dewi’ of the students, it is crucial for the newly fresh teachers generation to prepare ourselves psychologically, physically and spiritually. While mannerism playing important role in daily life, it plays even more important rules in educating people. One of my trained teachers remind me, she said that objective of education is to promote not to provoke a whole life education.

Now, this is our core business my fellow colleagues. I would like to call over new beginning on dedicated teachers. Ops, I have no intention to say that current teachers are not dedicated, I am calling new teachers to be dedicated to bring upon changes in the education environment by bringing up new approach and new ideas into the class room.

Learning must have to change from conventional into modern approach while values are not abandoned.

Then there is a big question arise, HOW? This is my suggestion through experience and reading. I would suggest two ways communication to be actively convolve in the learning activities but there is another big question, HOW? It seems that ‘How” is the most popular question I’ve thrown in this entry.

 I would like to suggest for all of us to begin the lesson with techniques of questioning. Hmmm, what are they? They are familiar to most of us but we seems to take it for granted or sometimes we forget to tell others to practice them.

 I am pretty confidence that 5W and 1H is a popular alphabet since we study literature at school. The problems arise when students does not relate it to the other subject. This is our role, to connect every lesson with our lesson.

Hmmm, how interesting could that be? Well, it will so much of fun! You and your students will both prosper in actions and knowledge. As both will be motivated by others.

Wowwie, this is a law of attraction. You does not need to force the students as you have set them in the new second law of motion, the law of inertia. If the teacher managed to build the mentality of students to work on their own for the subject, teacher will be very much like a tutor to guide them and to add extra information.

 Ah ha, polishing presentation skills is what will come across to our mind. Yeah, that’s the way of showing it but, teacher must make them be even more interesting. Let them do it in the hands on activity and let them teach others. When and where? Do them during your lesson time or you may do it in extra classes. Hmm. Let’s get out of lectures and start to play.

Eh, what to play? Anything….anything? yes anything that you may think that is related. Commonly, teachers these day show videos, bring toys, cartoons and figures in the class etc, to stimulate students interest to the subject itself. I would now call to the current and future teachers to bring new approach founded. Let’s play approach!

 You may want to create dramatisation, origami, arts,riddles literature component in teaching mathematics and science. Wow, that’s cool in it bro!lol.

I’ve tested this approach to my colleagues and it seems they like it. Ops, from students perspective, “Sir, it was tonnes of enjoyment, could we have more in the future?”, and my reply is “ Sure, do it on your own as I would no longer teach you because my time is over. I have to go and benefit others as well. Trust yourself mate! Enjoy”.

Many seems unsure in taking risk to bring new approach and I would say, tackle your students from the way they like it. Let them fell and experience the fun side of education. Learning in this way would be awesome and is a rich approach for high locus of control and low locus of control. This is suitable for everyone except for one kind of student.

What are they? They are those who will be studying in Oxford, Cambridge and MIT or others that are at that level. Hmmm, why? These kinds of students will learn by observation, reading and experimenting. Usually their minds are complicated and most likely they tend to be in their very own world.

So, do not regret if your approach can not entertain every single students in your class. What important is that you benefit the most of your students as some students know not what they are doing! Sounds funny isn’t it? This is reality. I’ve once asked my students to name their ambitions, and then I asked them simple questions; “ Did you take subject A,B,C etc?”. Most answer “No”. Rite away I came into conclusion, they know not what they are doing. Hell they will get what they dreams!

This is our task ladies and gentleman. Bring light to the bright so that they will shine and bring hope to success in life to those aren’t that lucky to polish their locus of control.

People are not judge by their achievement, they will be judge by their effort to give the best in the eyes of the Creator. So, keep giving out the best and Enjoy!!! Have fun but not for fun!

April 11, 2010

Hari itu dalam sejarah!

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Pada hari Sabtu, 3 April 2010 saya dan enam lagi rakan telah melakukan sumbangan kepada sekolah. Dan sekolah yang terpilih pada minggu ini adalah Sekolah Tun Fatimah (SBPBT) dan juga Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Desa Skudai di Johor Bahru.

            Jumlah kedatangan pelajar ketika program kami berlansung adalah jauh berbeza dan di situlah kami dapat membezakan antara pelajar bijak pandai dan juga pelajar biasa yang kurang berkeyakinan terhadap diri mereka.

            Di STF seramai 119 orang pelajar telah menyertai program ‘physics is fun’. Kami telah berjaya mengawal keseluruhan peserta dari awal program sehinggalah ke akhirnya. Pengendalian secara teratur memudahkan kami menyampaikan maklumat dan juga arahan kepada peserta.

            Oleh kerana mereka ini cepat menagkap apa yang kami perkatakan, maka banyak input tambahan yang telah kami berikan bersesuaian dengan tahap kemampuan pelajar. Keseronokan terpancar di wajah mereka semua semasa menjalankan aktiviti yang dijalankan. Yang lebih menarik perhatian kami apabila mereka dalam borang kaji selidik kami ingin menyertai lagi aktiviti-aktiviti ‘physics is fun’ yang kami jalankan.

            Selain mendapat maklumbalas secara positif dari pelajar, guru pembimbing STF turut tidak ketinggalan mengucapkan tahniah kepada kami kerana telah membawa kelainan dalam dunia fizik.

           Idea kami yang segar dan asli ini terhasil beberapa lama sebelum kami melalui KPLI dan telah dicuba di SSI. Ketika di SSI, permainannya adalah berbeza namun kami pada ketika itu hanya  bersifat untuk mencuba sesuatu yang baru dan banyak yang tidak didokumentasikan ketika di sana.

            Kali ini, kami lebih terancang dan lebih teratur dalam mendekati pelajar hasil daripada pengalaman sudah dan penambahbaikkan yang telah dilakukan.

            Ketika di SMK Desa Skudai, kami mulai telah mengenal pasti perubahan yang perlu dibuat ke atas modul kami agar bersesuaian dengan tahap pelajar. Walaubagaimanapun, semuanya masih berjalan lancar dan terkawal.  

            Hasil maklumbalas yang diberikan adalah memberansangkan dan akan kami teruskan usaha kami untuk membantu pelajar seluruh Malaysia memahami fizik. Inilah usaha kami dalam membawa perubahan ke dalam dunia pendidikan Malaysia agar lebih menarik dan berdaya saing di masa hadapan.


            Kami menterjemah jiwa kreatif kami  ke dalam bidang fizik yang diharapkan dapat membantu kami mempromosikan fizik dan membantu para pelahar seluruh Malaysia untuk memahami dan menghayati fizik dalam cara yang menyeronokkan.

            Masih banyak lagi kejutan kami pada masa akan datang yang mana kami bercadang untuk mengadakan latihan kepada bakal guru sains di IPG Kampus Temenggung Ibrahim. Antara produk-produk kami pada masa akan datang akan bertemakan; ‘mathemathics is cool’, ‘chemistry is best’ and biology is enjoyable’.

            Inilah yang telah dan akan kami teruskan untuk menyumbang kepada pembangunan pendidikan negara. Semoga usaha kecil kami ini dapat membantu menceriakan lagi suasana pendidikan di Malaysia.


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