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January 30, 2010

Worst disturbance but not yet a nightmare!

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It all happens last night. I went to sleep after I had my log book ready to be submitted today. Everything is fine in the first place as nothing unusual can be spotted. As soon as my eyes closed, the dream begins. I saw a set of folders before my eyes and I can hardly see others.

I look carefully at the folders but I failed to read it through. The only thing I can do is to look at it and observe the color and the shape of it. Those folders are in yellowish color and are making visible in square. 

Then I saw a group of students and I like start my teaching as like it has been planned and it seems not working smoothly. Straight away, my eyes opened up and I said, “Man, this is not going to work. This is not a good way to build rapport in my first class!” I then put my hand at my forehead, start to think on the best way to build excellent first impression for my students to be in the next 10 weeks.

As the synapse busy connecting and brainstorming the ideas, I felt asleep again. Then, the same thing happened. I saw the same folders making it visible before me. Right away, I start my teaching and again. I was disappointed by my approach as it still does not satisfy me the best of my expertise.

Everyone knows their strength and weaknesses don’t them. As I know my strength, I tend to strive for the best in what I can pursuit. It is interesting when such same process repeated all the night long. It only stops when I wake up for my fajr prayer.

This means that all night long I have been talking to myself, being critical through brainstorming to find the best solutions to my biggest challenge to be faced on Monday. Wow, it has been the most tiring sleep ever as I slept without noticing that I talked to myself and I speak to solve my problems.

The results are not impressive but it’s only on my way to Larkin Central Bus Station, this suddenly comes out from my mouth; “ Halim, I think what I am going to do is to have an interactive games despite normal ice-breaking and at the same time the class are going to enjoy the special video so that they can relate themselves to physics. It won’t stop there as I am going to shape their mind to begin with end in mind. It’s going to be like this, I will tell my students that at the very end of lessons of physics, they are going to be able to make a Formula 1 car, submarine etc. “

Halim then replied, “ that sounds cool Zamri, I think I will be adapting your ideas and apply them in my class as well”.

Actually, it have been for few days that Nik, Halim and me have been brainstorming on what is the best approach to be in our first class in school? That is the trigger point for me and it happened while we were having big dinner to celebrate our cumulative allowance. Thanks to Nik and Halim who make me think but I won’t stop here till I satisfied.


January 29, 2010

This is what I understood…

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There has been lots of fuss around….And this is just my side of opinions and ideas on what I understood and what I hold in my life….

1.As far as I can understand, literally yes Allah does have the same meaning elsewhere in the world. The only difference is the usage and the understanding of Allah from the real perspective. And when I say real I refer to my Islamic perspective.
2. I did not say that Islam barred anyone to use Allah as recognition of the Oneness of the most supreme.  Islam welcome anyone to use Allah as long as it is put to the right context.
3. Islam was revealed in Arabic as it is so and Islam does not rely on translations.
4. The word Allah is not introduced in the era of Prophet Muhammad 1430 years ago. Instead, we believe that it has been used even before the universe had been created.
5. The worship of Allah in Islamic teachings says, the angels, the demons, the universe and even the Caliph (known as human) must us Allah, but in their very own ways of worshipping.
6. The truth that Islam teach us is that submission to One God. The Most High , The Most Supreme. Now, everyone claims that they submit to one God. My argument would be very simple, which among those religions comes out with the best argument and the best evidence that their God is the One that we should submit.
7. Which one of all religions are similar, and if they are similar , in what way? Some of you may already take a subject on compartive study. I think you are wise enough to distinguish between the most compelling and the most solid argument.
8. Islam is just and freedom. If you cannot find yourself suit in Islam you are free to choose but under one condition; Do not make anything that may be harmful to Islam and its believer as you will be taken into responsible.
9. These three religions( Islam, Judaism, Christianity) always biting and fighting each other these days. Why are they doing so? Is it wrong in what they are doings or they are doing what have been expected from them? Is there because of similarities that they want to become the leader and step on the other?
10. We should celebrate differences and so the similiarities. We must instigate dialogue and a more open discussion about religion in Malaysia. Make people aware of God as it is said in our Rukun Negara. Be factual, academic and intellectual discussion.
11. The idea of barring others are out dated, we must pursue for the very awakening call to the nation to understand each other. How would I understand you if you are not communicating with me?
As long as a person hold a religion, he/she will be fine. The moment that you hold no religion is where I would worry the most.

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