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September 15, 2009

GC : extended version

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GC is excellent teacher. What makes a teacher an excellent teacher?

Here are more stories on that:

1. If you find out new mehtods that makes your student easier to understand your lessons, have them documented for you to show a proof to the Nazir.
2. If you publish any journals or writing, please to have them in your archieve.
3. Make full use of the ICT, blogs, videos, flash player, teachers tube etc in enhancing the quality of your teaching
4. Be proactive by having your own research or siple case study on your students or school
5. Always be critical and try to provide solutions in every problems encountered.

gtg for now, have class to attend.



September 10, 2009


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GC is a consonant. It may have no meaning but to most of teachers and future teachers, that is the word that they should dream of. A title that is honouring teachers achievement and differentiate between excellent tachers and ordinary teachers.

Teaching is enjoyable yet challenging one. Why is it so? It is simply because you are moulding individuals way of thinking, attitude and the way they perceive life.

It is easy to be design moulder that will turn your material into the shape that you want. Unfortunately, teachers does not mould materials but teachers mould living and thinking creature. This is the main challenge, when this living things comes from various backgrounds, perception, knowledge and experience.

For you to be able to reach GC, it is for definite that you must fulfill few criterias:
1. You must be outstanding
2. You must be proactive
3. You must documenting all your foundings and achievement
4. You must share your knowledge with everyone
5. You are able to not just determine problems but most importantly to solve the problems.
6. Able to understand your students and develop methods in helping them through mishaps.
7. Able to make full use of technology for improvement of your P&P skills including blogs, videos presentation etc etc.
8. There must definitely be more than what have been liseted above, this is what I can think of for the time being.

Here are few steps for you to be a GC:
1. You can apply for your master after 3 years of service in the goverment providing your achievement is 90+ (depending on your commitment and your principal).
2. You are then can apply for GC after 7 years of service and the ministry are going to ask your for the evidence that you are excellent and outstanding from other teachers. By that you are able to get grade 44 for your own salary.
3. Then, in 3 years time you are capable of getting grade 48.
4. Few years later, you will be granted grade 54.
5. If you are so special, you’ll reach a title of Jusa C, the highest appreciation in teaching profession.

p/s: don’t forget to apply for your PhD. once you have your master qualification.

fyi: if you are furthering your study for master level and above, you’ll get your full monthly salary at the same time receiving goverment’s scholarship. So, don’t worry on your financial, you’ll be more than happy and wealthy once you furhter your stdy.

till then, strive for the best!

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