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August 19, 2009

As the Clock ‘ticking’

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As the clock ticking, we tend to dream. Dream that take us far away from being responsible, or pulling us away from fulfilling the purpose of creations. We pretend that nothing is ever changed. Feel safe as we sit on the comfy sofa and feel relax when we lie down on our luxurious bed. Nothing is wrong with having all those as our toys in enjoying our daily life.

As long as one always ponder and always gets back to the right path, that is the biggest bounty and blessings that one could have. Nothing is more precious and nothing is meaningful than that. It is beyond words can describe and beyond emotions to control. You will only feel it if you want to feel it. You must make a way for it to nurture and to explore as your soul will guide you to the righteous path.

Nobility is not you to choose, it is there standing on its own rights and standards that it really rule it. Enjoining good and preventing bad habits is for you to control your desire and for you to take the lead! The path may seems easy but you must remember that rose always come with thorns. Never will it be beauty roses without hardships for the rose admire to have it.

The route is never straight as you will always sway by the beauty of tricks from the whisperer and from the devil in you that you must trained. Careful is the word but it is not enough to save you from the burning hell fire.

You must go out there and do your part. Today, we think that we had done enough whereas we were trapped by the demons. Their cunning plans with highest level of motivation will always hunting you down until you worship them.

Worship does not lie on physical activities itself; it is a broad line of discussions that you could ever imagine. The worst is it will always hide behind noble sanctions and make you feel that you are doing a right thing at the right moment.

Momentarily, you will wake up from your dreams if you are lucky enough to wake up. Most people are arrogant with themselves as they think that they rule their life whereas they forget that there is always a higher order power above them that they need to obey.

Often we forget about our real awaiting long lasting life. That is the most common mistake that we always choose as our path. Truly we were damaging our soul and we were wrong doers.

May He always protect us from those ‘fitnah’.


August 11, 2009

An insight from Greenwich

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It is a worldly known place on earth that holds important subjects towards world development. It holds historic treasure and a starting point of so called standardized calculation which mapped Greenwich as the reference point on earth. As we go along the history, we could see how it develops and how it does influence not just us, but also the author of “the Natural Philosophy called Principia”.

There are 3 important persons in history that involve in the long history of development of Greenwich point. Sir Isaac Newton, John Harrison the time keeper and the John Flamsteed as his first Astronomer Royal observed and mapped the stars are the heroes in this very important history.

Get to know the true story makes me understand myself better and where I should put myself into. It is a very refreshing moment during the short but yet very memorable visit. Knowing my shoe’s size makes my life a lot better.

This visit taught me deeply between a day dreaming guy and those who really deserve such recognition from the highest institution plausible due to their effort and manners by convolving their lives into it through unthinkable desire and a farfetched goal by most people. They are not gifted as many people would say but they are specials in their own way as they channel themselves into it and flow happily and passionately till their last breath.

One is perfectionist the other is very passionate and the third is the creative one. All of them have a huge and enormous contribution towards nation as it last long for decades and are now used by millions and billions of people direct or indirectly.

We are not looking to fabricate new thinkers to be like them but what is important is we want everyone to understand how the manage their lives and how the put them nicely till everyone does recognized them even until now. Appreciation for those who are so called the brainer but they are actually the one who makes full use of their ability and capacity in doing what they are passionate of. In this way, one will develop their skills and knowledge and most importantly they feel alive at every single step that they took in their life.

Action speaks louder than words. Get to know your potential and you’ll love it. As so to speak, I need to rediscover and re-evaluate my paths…

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