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June 19, 2009

Life is twice, so live to the best!

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Every soul shall taste death! That is the beginning of this entry inspired by an excellent khatib with inshaAllah sincere intention and may Allah accept from him. Then he continued by quoting “The life of this world is only the enjoyment of deception”. It wasn’t shocking but he managed to grab my attention to stop thinking about other things and focus on every single pearl that comes out from his mouth.

The khutbah continued with a hadith, one of the companions come to Prophet Muhammad and asked, “who is the most intelligent ones among us?” And, Rasulullah replied with, “ the most wise among you are the one who remember death the most!” Amazingly, the prophet does not say that the wisest is the most knowledgeable or the philosopher or anyone that we hold respect to in our daily life.

Truly Rasulullah teach us the insight and not what we can see and judge it. The logic of it is very simple, never trust your eyes as it can be fooled by metal illusion (logam maya), never trust your ear as it is limited to certain range of frequencies; in simple, never ever put your trust on what your physical as it is just a deception. The measurement tools that prophet teach us is the inner strength, things that no one else know what state you are in except you and your lord. This is the best way to keep you always in the highest state that you are in, as no one are going to judge you as no one can quite sure in their judgmental unless they are brave enough to announce that they know what is in your chest. Yup, no one with knowledge dare to judge others as they are very busy with their own state to be maintained and to be polished and cherish. So, do not judge a book by its cover between your muslim brothers unless it is clear upon you what is wrong and what is wright. Even if it is so, it is not you to judge but for you to ponder upon yourself so you take the lessons out of them.

Those believers who are in sincere love will be as:

“Men who celebrate the praises of God, standing, sitting, and lying down on their sides, and contemplate the (wonders of) creation in the heavens and the earth, (With the thought): “Our Lord! Not for naught Hast Thou created (all) this! Glory to Thee! Give us salvation from the penalty of the Fire” (Ali Imran: 191).

True lover will always think of their loved ones in ease or in hardship, they will always think of ways to make them to jannah with what they have and what they have been granted with. Even if it is as small as the smallest particle we may know today, it is HIM who weights them as HE is just! As long as it is continuous and being carried out sincerely, definitely great and super massive rewards waiting for the good doers. That is the promised from your Lord, the most Gracious, the most Merciful, the Cherisher and the Sustainer of every single physics and metaphysics, the known and the unknown.

Even though the sacred war had been declared by our Lord that our main enemy is the devil but we may be ignoring that command as we do not prepare ourselves for the battle. Heh, how can it be? It is simple; never ever jump into the battlefield unless you prepared to face the challenges. In facing challenges you need to know the plot, the strength and weaknesses of your enemy. If you fail to plan, you are offering your soul to your enemy to squash it. Do we want to give our independent soul to anyone? Are we afraid to fight our enemy until we need to qualify them as our master or are we so naïve that we are not going to fight for our freedoms or our own rights? Pathetic be with those who give their soul to be perished, squashed and demolished by your number one enemy, the devil that is well prepared to eat you alive! The most horrifying creature ever existed to destroy you. Be not among those who lost in the sacred war declared by the Lord!

Shall we ready to fight them; the only key to success is remembrances of death. One cannot succeed in this sacred war unless remembrances of death are their closest companion in every single breath they take. Why it is very important is simple:

1. It accelerates you to repent at all stage

2. It gives you internal satisfaction/calmness

3. It makes you to strive for the best in everything you do

4. It helps you to always prepare for the second life (eternal life)

Remember, that death is independent of your spiritual, emotional, physical and intellectual condition. When it’s time, it is time!

It is therefore, live the best for your first life so you may prosper in your second life as first life is just a deception. May we always be in HIS path.


June 16, 2009

Anata Wa Itsuki Desu!

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I love you! That is all that it mean. Love is a powerful subject in life and love is also the key of human beings. Without love we are meaningless, we are no difference of unliving creatures. May be robot could best describe who we are if we have no emotion or no love.

This article in time is not aiming to talk about love. Instead, it is the “anata wa itsuki desu!” the vehicle that carry the meaning with it. Why and what is so special about it? Recent years had shown us how the Japanese had a massive influence in our daily life. From anime, musics, drama series etc etc, you name it.

It is time that the challenges had evolved and for you to uplift you skills in becoming a good conveyer of the message that you want to put across. You know that there is unbalance in certain areas and you would like to purify them. Having travelling around with children and adults has now opened my eyes on the importance of tackling it seriously. How am I going to face this new challenge? If I resist, I ain’t going to be influential to these new phenomena which will make me further apart from my beloved youngsters.

For those who have mastered this language or in this so called phenomenon, let me ask you questions. How do you perceive yourself and where are you going to go with what you have? How are you going to redeem your past valuables time for the coming minutes with what you have spent on your so called entertainment?

Here are my personal opinions. Life is short, so don’t waste it. One needs to be critical and tactical at all times. Always seek for an opportunity for you to sneak in and be beneficial to others with what you have. We simply do not want to be like others but somehow others create a competition without we realizing it. When there is competition, there is race and the best men win!

Now, as this main aim of this article is for the future teachers, nevertheless it’s good for future parents as well, not to forget the youth that want to take full advantage of what you have and what you can offer others.

Teaching youngsters who knows or empathically bound themselves into Japanese entertainments and culture is a great challenge. Look into our surroundings, it tells us everything that we need to face them. As we want and in great needs to lead our youngsters, a serious action must be taken in adapting this new era of teachings. Teachers cannot be dormant in approaching their students. Teachers must always keep themselves updated with various techniques that could make them a good leader, a good example or as an idol for at least their pupils.

By simply acknowledging the difference will not solve it. What needed is a tactical plan so you are ahead of them and so you could influence them. Typical teachers will not enjoy themselves much and will less benefit from the challenges provided by their students. An excellent teacher is the one who acknowledge the challenges and benefits from it.

How are we going to benefit out of it? Now, let us be and always be positive. We know that a group of people are leading us in certain aspect and we know that we need to deal with them, lead them and inspire them. By knowing our position and capability is the first key steps to move forward.

It has now come to a point, where you need to put an indicator or the measurement parameters for you to be able to lead it all the way. Manifestation from your wisdom, knowledge and skills is the key to influence people around you. This is important for teachers, parents, future parents and leaders! What makes that so important?

Art of controlling crowd requires you to be able to read the frequencies of the mind and soul of your target group. At the same time, by having the best quality of knowledge you are at about to reach the verge of controlling people ideas and mind. What people want from you is what they could be amazed of and never expect from someone so called a typical man on this planet which makes you no different to others.

It is deadly crucial to empower ourselves, in this case the Japanese language with highest quality so at least you may influence them and they’ll have plenty of respects towards your existence and most importantly is that no one could mess around with you as they know that you know what they are talking about.

June 9, 2009

I Luv Islam Charity Rush

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Peace be upon you, may all the blessings and love always be by your side.

This is a call for all of us in the UK and Malaysia to drop up couples of penny to our trusted account for our Acheh and Cambodia Relief.


Below are poster for the UK which contain crucial information for the collection. May your generousity being rewarded the most from the One and Only.


And here is the poster for Malaysians in Malaysia. May you enjoy in doing good deeds.


June 8, 2009

8th of June 2009.. The day that is rich..

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Today is the day that I laugh, the day that I smile, the day that I screamed, the day that I am definitely going to miss. All begins when I woke up, tidy up myself and prepared to face whatever it may come. It is worth rather than playing hide and seeks.

I make myself brave to face them all in a go. It’s all happened in less than 24 hours. Guess what, it is the most enjoyable and the most memorable day of my life ever since I alive for 23 years. My day started with preparing a reminder for my last meeting as the President of Islamic Society in Nottingham University for two memorable years at the afternoon. Things get done easily, Alhamdulillah. Then I had an appointment to justify the unjustified.

This is very interesting, I supposed to feel bad but I don’t. What a miracle! I said what I want to said and I heard what I want to hear. It is amazing; it’s a big relief for me. It’s like I am saying sorry to the devil: “Sorry, I won and you lose. That’s going to be the end of your game! I am now rules the game!” . Even though I know that Mr. Devil are going to start plotting new strategy, but at least for now, I can announce that I won. Yeay!!haha. Sounds like a childish, but I really mean it. We then work for the biggest project ever in my life. The dream that I dreamed on 7th Ramadan 2004, which is the same day that I was born 20 years back. I never imagine that it could start this way. When my close friend pointed out, ”Man, you dream big! Is this really you?”.  I start laughing but we work the work later on.

Time passed by very quickly, I then headed home to make final preparation for my last meeting on the afternoon. It never happened to me that I screamed due to stress that I am going through. May be because of so much love, I don’t want lose them.  As this is going to be the last moment and I am going to leave them for good. Pursuing my new life as a new person. May I steadfast in HIS path at all circumstances.

Suddenly one of my housemate stood in my room and offering me lunch. Yuhuu, what a pleasure, I am not going to miss it. Haha..What a greedy person I am. I am hungry though, that could be the reason why I am stressed.lol. Oh food.

My friends and I then headed for Bowling. I had an enjoyable time there with my course mates. Manage to put all my stress away by throwing the ball on the lane. What a relief! Again, I am saved by Allah. He make my day! Thank you Allah.

As I finished bowling, I headed for my final meeting and that’s wrap up my 2 years of memorable leadership in Nottingham. We go through the meeting very well.  The best moment is the moment I fed our new president a spoon of chocolate cake to welcome him as our new leader. Everyone is shocked with my action but that is me. I just want to show them that I love them. It is sunnah though. Nothing to be ashamed of. Then our beloved porter came along to throw them away from meeting room. He then said,” this is my last day here” and I said, “Wow, what a coincidence, we retire on the same day”. Lol. We enjoyed our cakes for a while before we all leave the room.

May our full of love handover meeting will be accepted by Allah and may He made it easy for them and may they perish more than what we have achieved. O my dear ISoc, you’ll always be in my heart. Because of you, I am what I am now. Thank you Allah. Thank you…

June 7, 2009

When the going gets tough, the tough gets going.

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Often, people are pessismistic about things happen around them. There are various way to tackle such issue. Everything comes from what you believe in you and not what others believe in you. If you believe in yourself, you are about to make it. But if you are not, you know the answer.  Of course, this entry have a basic core principle, as the writer is a muslim, it is therfore he is subjected to submit to GOD will’s. Nevertheless, GOD are pursuing human kind to ponder upon creations and universe to be a ruler in this world. It is a good start to talk about our own kingdom before we want to talk about broader kingdom and starts to govern others kingdom.

Believe or faith have a large perspective, the perspective that I want to discuss here is the inner goverment in you that makes you a leader. What does it means? Excellencies of governance come from excellent self control. Self control does not come from your external appearences only, otherwise it is a fake leadership. Usually, that kind of leadership does not last long unless they are using some disgusting methodology that trap people to be their supporter without them knowing it, it’s like an extacy.

A true leader journey begins from his heart, from his soul. It is a common thing that we should ponder ourselves, every single person wants to be a good person, they want to help others, but through their own way. By choosing your own way without guidance is the first false step to take in your life. Such action could lead you to nowhere and even worse is that you are going to waste your time and effort no knowing what you are doing. You could amaze yourself or others with the achievement but hey, what does this really mean? Is worthy or is it worthless? That is not the best time for you to start thinking, that should be your first step before you do anything.

Soul is the core of living things, soul is the ultimate power in you that you must work with. But GOD is the Ultimate Power over your body and your soul. Combination of soul and mind, is the key to success. What does key means? Key is major factor in exploring new worlds, new talents, new route for you. All there’s left is for you to discover. It is crucial that you know that you are not alone. Your body may feel tired, but your soul will keep motivating you, without you acknowledge the presence of your soul in your life. Life is a journey, and in the journey you must make decisions to which path you are choosing as you are responsible of your life.

Soul and body would never be living in hamony unless both of them support each other, until both of them share the same dreams and desire. They are from different world, but they are connected. The connection is the main thing that we need to bear in mind. The connection is where everything begins. Through connections you start to communicate and by communcating, you know each other. How do you know each other?
As soul is a divine creation by GOD, you must learn and seek knowledge about it. By knowing your excellencies of feeding it, be friend of it, understand the basic needs of it you are going to be the best team mate ever. No other creation could lead you despair.

So, there is only one way to get going. Stay connected!

Yang berakhir itulah permulaan

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Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera,

Inilah kali pertama saya ber’blogging’ secara serius setelah sekian lama memerhati dan memikir akan keperluannya.
Semoga ianya bermanfaat untuk diri ini dan juga para pengunjung sekalian. Layan.

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